[CentOS] compiling rpms

Fri Aug 5 14:28:14 UTC 2005
Mark Quitoriano <markquitoriano at gmail.com>


i compiled rpms like postfix with mysql support. My problem is when i
compile programs i can't distinguish the difference between postfix
w/o mysql and postfix w/ mysql because they have the same
filename(postfix-2.x.x.i386.rpm), what i like to happen is when i
compile postfix w/ mysql support it will show something like
postfix-mysql-2.x.x.i386.rpm. so when i install and try to query it,
it will show postfix-mysql-2.x.x not just postfix-2.x.x. what file
should i edit to make this happen?


Mark Quitoriano, CCNA

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