[CentOS] Setting X in 1024x768 60 hz refresh for LCD TV viewing

Wed Aug 10 17:56:53 UTC 2005
Jerry Geis <geisj at pagestation.com>

I am trying to hook up linux to an LCD 1333x768 LCD TV.
XP in 1024x768 show up just fine. X does not.

I have set the screen preferences to 1024x768. I have edited the
xorf.conf file instead of have a range from 50 - 70 I change it to be
only 60. I start X and it still comes up on my A70F monitor but
still will not show on my LCD TV.

xvidtune does not run on this PC. It says something about "video modes
are not tunable on this chip".

My PC at this time is a dell SC420.

Thanks for any input as to get the display working on the LCD TV
under linux.