[CentOS] FreeNX

Fri Aug 12 14:57:15 UTC 2005
Dominik Składanowski <dominik.skladanowski at ch.pw.edu.pl>

>>>>>>>"yum install nx freenx" and it works fine. FreeNX server in extras repo
>>>>>>>is 1.4.0 version, but from http://www.nomachine.com/download.php you can
>>>>>>>download only new 1.5.0 version. Will it be works together?
>>>>>>I couldn't get the latest client from NoMachine to work with the
>>>>>>latest FreeNX packages on WBEL4, I had to grub around for an older
>>>>>>client, nxclient-1.4.0-92.exe. I think I found it on download.com or
>>>>>>The first hit has direct links to the download.
>>>>>I have checked it on my CentOS 4.1 box. In "extras" CentOS repo there is
>>>>>1.4.0 NX server, and from nomachine site you can download only 1.5.0
>>>>>client - it don't work together. Server and client have to be the same
>>>>>Has anybody NX client 1.4.0 for linux?
>>>>They work fine together (1.5.0 client and 1.4.0 server) ... I am using
>>>>them right now.
>>>>The client is free, but it is not GPL or distributable.
>>>>I am going to build the 1.5.0 server in a couple hours ... I'll e-mail
>>>>you when it is updated ... but I am typing this right now from a machine
>>>>running 1.5 client (on CentOS-3) connected to a 1.4.0 server (on
>>>>I also connected to this server via a 1.5.0 windows client.
>>>OK ... I built and installed / tested the 1.5.0 server RPM for CentOS-4
>>>i386.  It is now posted to the main server and syncing to the mirrors.
>>>in 15-20 minutes, nx-1.5.0-0.centos4.i386.rpm and
>>>freenx-0.4.4-1.centos4.noarch.rpm should be available at:
>>>See this article for install instructions:
>>Thanks for mail Johnny. I just updated (yum update) my FreeNX server,
>>restarted - nxserver, sshd and finally system - and still "nxserver
>>--status" appears as a 1.4.0 version. On my second CentOS box I made 1/2
>>hour ago fresh install of FreeNX server and it's the same.
>>Of course rpm in extras repo is named 1.5.0.
>>Strange but true.
>>Maybe am I doing something wrong?
> You are not doing anything wrong ... the output of that command provides
> this for me:
> NXSERVER - Version 1.4.0-44 OS (GPL)
> but, the package that provides the the file nxserver is freenx and not
> nx.
> Here are the NX sourcefiles involved in the nx rpm:
> URL:            http://www.nomachine.com
> Source0:        nxproxy-1.5.0-9.tar.gz
> Source1:        nxcomp-1.5.0-63.tar.gz
> Source2:        nxcompext-1.5.0-16.tar.gz
> Source3:        nx-X11-1.5.0-15.tar.gz
> Source4:        nxagent-1.5.0-87.tar.gz
> Source5:        nxviewer-1.5.0-14.tar.gz
> Source6:        nxdesktop-1.5.0-59.tar.gz
> Source7:        nxscripts-1.5.0-11.tar.gz
> Source9:        nxagent
> Those are the latest files freenx and nx source for RPM distros from:
> http://fedoranews.org/contributors/rick_stout/freenx/
> I am again use the 1.5.0 client for Linux on CentOS-3 connected to the
> latest nx, freenx CentOS-4 server.


I tried to connect to FreeNX server (CentOS 4.1) after today update
(1.5.0) using both nxclients (Windows): 1.4.0 and 1.5.0.
Only 1.4.0 nxclient can connect.

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