[CentOS] SSH hostname login

Sat Aug 13 18:05:50 UTC 2005
David Campbell <decampbell1 at comcast.net>

and it will still not be available using the hostname from the internet
without using a dns server and/or a service like dyndns.org or tzo.com ...
the cost is about $30 or $40 per year per host name.

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Am Sa, den 13.08.2005 schrieb Kai um 19:22:

> I run CentOS 4.1 on a remote server and did a minimal installation. My
> problem is that I can not login using the HOSTNAME, must use the IP.
> 1. edited the -  /etc/sysconfig/network
> 2. changed  - HOSTNAME=a266
> 3. restarted the network
> Looks ok, hostname appears when logged on via IP, but can't use the
> HOSTNAME to log on from client.
> ---
> [kai at localhost ~]$ ssh a266
> ssh: a266: Name or service not known
> ---
> [kai at localhost ~]$ ssh
> kai at's password:
> Last login: Sat Aug 13 17:13:09 2005 from
> [kai at a266 ~]$
> ---
> I can't figure out where I missed out.
> kai

In /etc/hosts on host add a line          a266.<whatever your domain part is>   a266

This said when not running an own DNS. If a name server for the own
domain is running, then be sure /etc/resolv.conf has the "search" entry
for the domain, to be able to reach the other host by short hostname.


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