[CentOS] CentOS4 and older megaraid

Sat Aug 13 23:35:26 UTC 2005
Craig White <craigwhite at azapple.com>

Release notes say no support for the RAID card in a box I just picked
up...is there no hope for this box running 2.6 kernel?


The kernel shipped with Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 includes the new
megaraid_mbox driver from LSI Logic, which replaces the megaraid driver.
The megaraid_mbox driver has an improved design, is compatible with the
2.6 kernel, and includes support for the latest hardware. However,
megaraid_mbox does not support some of the older hardware that was
supported by the megaraid driver. 

Adapters with the following PCI vendor ID and device ID pairs are not
supported by the megaraid_mbox driver: 

vendor, device

0x101E, 0x9010
0x101E, 0x9060
0x8086, 0x1960  <--- my card ---<

The lspci -n command can be used to display the IDs for adapters
installed in a particular machine. Products with these IDs are known by
(but not limited to) the following model names: 

      * Dell PERC (dual-channel fast/wide SCSI) RAID controller 
      * Dell PERC2/SC (single-channel Ultra SCSI) RAID controller 
      * Dell PERC2/DC (dual-channel Ultra SCSI) RAID controller 
      * Dell CERC (four-channel ATA/100) RAID controller 
      * MegaRAID 428 
      * MegaRAID 466 
      * MegaRAID Express 500 
      * HP NetRAID 3Si and 1M 

Both Dell and LSI Logic have indicated that they no longer support these
models in the 2.6 kernel. As a result, these adapters are not supported
in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4.