[CentOS] preferences in used Compaq Proliant DL380 G1 vrs DL380 G2 etc

Tue Aug 16 20:19:12 UTC 2005
Robert Hanson <roberth at abbacomm.net>


for those of you in the know, may i have some assistance in helping to make
better decisions in purchasing more used server toys to install CentOS on
please? :-)

in the Compaq Proliant Rackmount DL380 line, the one that looks like the
older 1850R is called a G1 meaning Generation 1 right?

and then the DL380 G2 is a redesign that is gray and just has 6 drive bays
up front correct?

besides processor speed, do most of you prefer the DL380 G1 over the DL380
G2 or vice versa?

would you mind providing some extra info and experiences please so i and
hopefully others can better make decisions now and in the future?

things to get. things to stay away from? please be as verbose as necessary

i certainly do not know it all, is there anything else i missed or that you
would like the list to know, please share...

thanks in advance and sincerest kind regards!

 - rh

Robert Hanson
Abba Communications