[CentOS] USB DIsk and mount point

Tue Aug 30 21:31:48 UTC 2005
Jesús García González <jesus at ceinpet.cupet.cu>


I use Centos 4.1 When I inserted my usb 2.0 disk for the first time it 
created the mount point /media/usbdisk just fine. Which I used to mount 
the disk. But as soon as I used it in another computer (winxp) when I 
took the usb back to centos the mount point had become /media/IOMEGA 
(yeah it's an iomega driver) but then as time goes by, the mount point 
every time the disk is used else where the mount point changes from 
/media/___________  to whatever other garble you can think of....
Now Executing a mount /media/_what_ever_is_today_ will mount the usb 
disk just fine without any problems.

Why does the mount point changes so erratically???