[CentOS] Re: Japanese Language Support? -- IIIMF

Mon Aug 1 21:03:05 UTC 2005
Bryan J. Smith <b.j.smith at ieee.org>

Ian Wells <esmith at wellsi.com> wrote:
> My experience may not be relevant as its FC4 rather than
> CentOS, but I hope it may help.
> I have a Fedora Core 4 machine which has an English UI but
> allows a choice of English and/or Japanese input.
> I can quite happily switch between inputting in English and
> Japanese using the iimf.
> I followed the instructions here 
> http://fedora.redhat.com/projects/i18n/iiimf-faq.html
> When I have time I could re-install CentOS4 and try to
> achieve the same level of functionality

I apologize for my prior "jumping in."  I was just trying to
share how I did it for different users prior (and that was
for Latin), and my knowledge was clearly dated.  I was also
completely ignorant of what IIIMF does.  I think I'm going to
have fun checking it out though.

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