Bryan being a dartboard was Re: [CentOS] Recommended hardware for a firewall/router?

Fri Aug 5 09:30:38 UTC 2005
Feizhou <feizhou at>

> On a sidenote, I've noticed from the subject on some of the most recent 
> messages that Bryans beeing hassled. I dunno what it's really about 
> since I haven't read the messages, but I'd like to say that I consider 
> Bryan to be a valuable asset to this list.

He is a valuable asset but sometimes his posts are not very clear or 
even quite contrary to what he wanted to say (as we find out in 
subsequent posts)

Given the speed at which he claims to type out these posts (and he does 
seem to substantiate them too) perhaps he needs to slow down and not 
type on the fly.