[CentOS] Re: When in doubt, all list problems are due to Bryan J. Smith -- timeline and requests ...

Fri Aug 5 13:13:30 UTC 2005
Shawn M. Jones <smj at littleprojects.org>

Bryan J. Smith wrote:

>Now I don't deny I've gone off-topic, and I'm trying to curb that.  I'm
>If the general, or even a significant minority, consensus is that my
>posts are indeed too off-topic, I'll go back to lurking and helping off-
>list.  I have no problem with that, and do it all-the-time.
Hi folks,

Other lists use the 'OT' prefix to indicate that a subject has gone 'off 
topic'.  Some of you have done this, and it's great.  This assists in 
searching and sorting of list information as well as allowing email 
filters to remove the OT posts for those who don't wish to see them.  
Sometimes I like to read the OT posts, sometimes I just delete them in 
one swell foop.

Why don't we use this concept for this CentOS list?  I've noticed that 
some of you have been doing so, but if we make it a mailing list rule, 
then we have the benefit of a) OT posters and those interested in their 
posts can still post, and b) those who don't wish to read OT posts can 
delete or filter as they see fit.

It is the responsibility of the originator of the OT discussion (no 
matter what the original thread may have been) to realize that he/she is 
going OT.