[CentOS] Re: compiling rpms

Wed Aug 10 14:59:44 UTC 2005
William <wlist-centos at kimballstuff.com>

Feizhou wrote:
> are you thinking of a rpm that just holds postfix mysql_table support or 
> a rpm that has the full blown postfix with mysql enabled?

Full-blown Postfix with MySQL enabled.  :)

> anyway, as Johnny has said, you can get one from Centos Plus.

I noticed; I'm not familiar with CentOS Plus; I'll look into it.  The 
fact is, all my servers (except the Dell PowerEdge 2300 that needs the 
driver disk I'm trying to create in another thread) are already running 
CentOS 4.0 just fine and I've already done all the compiling I need. 
But, in case I need to add more servers, I'll be checking into CentOS Plus.