Bind Caching Nameserver <was: Re: [CentOS] Caching nameserver--Name Services Cache Daemon (nscd)>

Wed Aug 10 17:18:54 UTC 2005
Robert Hanson <roberth at>

} Ok removing the alternate dns makes the caching name server work..:)  I
} guess we need to fix the reverse-resolve now?

i dunno on chrooted right now.

you prob know this yet... i dunno if you are testing a global ip address or
a private ip address.

to test reverse dns and check for an authoritative answer do this

dig -x

and check it out.

if you are trying to be authoritative and get private space to
resolve properly then i believe you will need to run regular bind distro and
not caching.

 - rh

Robert Hanson
Abba Communications