Bind Caching Nameserver <was: Re: [CentOS] Cachingnameserver--Name Services Cache Daemon (nscd)>

Wed Aug 10 17:39:45 UTC 2005
Robert Hanson <roberth at>

} no this is not authoritative.  I actually have my ecc domain hosted
} elsewhere..i simply clal my machines internally that to keep it simple
} so there are behind a nat in RFC1918 space at the house here.

please forgive yet i recommend


for dns testing almost all of the time. although nslookup is ok i recall
instances years ago where dig used properly returned right answers and
helped find problem when nslookup was totally wrong. could have been the
resolver libraries, i dont recall.

just a preference.

if you are trying to reverse lookup that x.x.x.200 ip address or whatever
private space, like the others said, you have to run your own dns and i do
not know if caching truly supports this authoritatively as well... see

chalk up the caching nameserver experience and go to chroot bind IMHO.

Robert Hanson
Abba Communications