[CentOS] Bind Setup

Wed Aug 10 18:48:31 UTC 2005
William Warren <hescominsoon at emmanuelcomputerconsulting.com>

actually I WANT to know this stuff.  It took me weeks to figure out 
basic NTP.  I could have gone the "easy" route but I am glad i didn't 
because now i can help others setup their own linux NTP servers.

I am not sure the Astaro's DHCP does dynamic updates?(could you explain 
that or is it literally as it seems?)  i will ask them about that one.

So basically to start off i will have to enter the names and ip 
addresses manually.  That's fine as the network itself is small.  I am 
going to be adding servers and clients to it though

2 more clients running linux or windows for general usage
4 clients running mythtv in client mode
1 myth tv media server
2 notebooks(one will be to replace the gateway and one is for me).

This is not all at once..this is long range.

Les Mikesell wrote:
> On Wed, 2005-08-10 at 13:15, William Warren wrote:
>>I highly appreciate everyone's help in the caching name server bit. 
>>Building on that one:
>>Everyone knows my issues that i am having in terms of reverse lookup so 
>>the windows clients won't freak.  I have decided to switch focus..as it 
>>seemed to make sense.  I am now looking to setup a full DNS server for 
>>my internal network. Everything is actually set statically via DHCP 
>>using MAC addresses.(see attached jpeg).
> I think the only difference is that you add the master entries
> in your named.conf file and appropriate zone files for the
> data for your internal zones.  I'd recommend trying webmin for
> this because it will save the grunge work of building the reverse
> tables.
>>Do i have to manually enter every machine or can the dns populate the 
>>names and ips via dhcp?
> You can make dhcp do dynamic updates, but for a small network the
> simple-minded way is to put the names and IP numbers in DNS, then
> put the names in the dhcpd.conf entries tied to mac addresses.
> That way if you want to change an address, you do it in the dns
> data and the dhcp will pick it up.
> By the way, if you really don't want to know all this stuff, you
> might like the SME server from www.contribs.org.  The next version
> is going to be based on Centos4 and there is an alpha release
> available now.  There are things I don't like about the system
> but for small networks where one server does everything and you
> want 'fill-in-the-form' administration it is a good fit.

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