[CentOS] Where do my RPMs actually go, and is it different for Red Hat builds?

Thu Aug 11 17:10:09 UTC 2005
Joshua Baker-LePain <jlb17 at duke.edu>

On Fri, 12 Aug 2005 at 2:07am, Dave Gutteridge wrote

> I'm trying to install themes for KDE. In doing so, I came across the 
> following web site which seems to have the themes I want as RPMs:
> http://rpm.pbone.net/index.php3/stat/17/dept/3/idg/User+Interface_Desktop
> The theme I want is called "Thinkeramik", and it has the following 
> versions, for various Red Hat builds:
> thinkeramik-3.2.1-1.0.el3.kde.i386.rpm    RedHat EL 3
> thinkeramik-3.2.1-1.0.el4.kde.i386.rpm    RedHat EL 4
> thinkeramik-3.2.1-1.0.fc2.kde.i386.rpm    Fedora 2
> thinkeramik-3.2.1-1.0.fc3.kde.i386.rpm    Fedora 3
> thinkeramik-3.2.1-1.0.fc4.kde.i386.rpm    Fedora 4
> thinkeramik-3.2.1-1.0.rh73.kde.i386.rpm    RedHat 7.X
> thinkeramik-3.2.1-1.0.rh90.kde.i386.rpm    RedHat 9
> I've read on this list that CentOS is equal to Red Hat 9, or to Red Hat 
> EL 4. So I'm not sure which download I should get, or which is better.


> But I have no idea where to look. The RPM has been isntalled... 
> somewhere, but I have no idea what directory to look in.
> I looked on Google to try and figure out if there was an option with the 
> rpm command to locate the files associated with the RPM package, but was 
> unsuccessful.

'man rpm'

rpm -ql thinkeramik

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