[CentOS] Firefox and Java on CentOS 4.1

Fri Aug 12 05:28:58 UTC 2005
Petr Klíma <qaxi at seznam.cz>

John Logsdon napsal(a):
> I need to run a Java-enabled Firefox on my CentOS4.1-powered laptop andit
> *was* running fine.  Then yesterday I up2date'd the box and Firefox went
> from 1.0.4 to 1.0.6.  And I lost Java.  
> I can't seem to re-install it, whether from the original (1.5.0 I thinkit
> was) or the latest downloads.
> This is crucially important as I need to access my Dell RAC.  
> Can anyone advise how to get Java back.  At the moment, I have had to
> reboot my laptop into Redmond-ware :-(((

How did you install JAVA ???

- from RPM file form SUN web site ?
- from traball from SUN web site ?
- Other ??

How did you enable "Java plugin"?
- it works out of "box" after java install
- you had to link it to  /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/

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