[CentOS] Are these steps for re-installing Gnome correct/safe?

Wed Aug 17 15:51:46 UTC 2005
Craig White <craigwhite at azapple.com>

On Thu, 2005-08-18 at 00:40 +0900, Dave Gutteridge wrote:
> >Try running 'rpm -Va' to find out what on your system has changed from
> >the default somehow.
> >
> This produced a zillion results which scrolled of the screen and I 
> couldn't scroll back to see them all. What do I do with the results of 
> this command?
you can direct output to a file or pipe them to less...

rpm -Va | less # sometimes useful

rpm -VA > /tmp/rpm_verify.txt 2>&1 # probably more useful

You can deduce the context of the changes

You can 'limit' the output of some things...

rpm -Va | grep gnome > /tmp/rpm_verify_filtered.txt 2>&1

but some things are never clear. It appears that you are looking to set
your 'user' files back to default...

probably the best way to make certain that it is done...

log out of all sessions

<Control><Alt><F2> # get a text virtual console
login as root
mv .gnome .gnome.bak
mv .gnome2 .gnome2.bak
(much the same for kde)
rm -fr /tmp/* # remove any existing session data stored in /tmp
<Alt><F7> # return to gdm/kdm login

# note, many programs (i.e. openoffice) will have their own
preferences/settings directories (i.e. /home/craig/.openoffice) and you
can 'remove' them in a similar fashion). I always suggest that you move
them to a .bak rather than nuke them just in case there was something in
there that you want.

The commands to rpm -Va will show you which files have changed but rpm
doesn't install or track user preferences...only the files installed by
the rpm install itself.