[CentOS] Xeon EMT64 - IA64, x86_64 or i386?

Thu Aug 18 11:19:07 UTC 2005
Peter Arremann <loony at loonybin.org>

On Thursday 18 August 2005 07:11, Nick wrote:
> Hi,
> Just wanted to check which branch was the correct one for a Xeon EMT64?
IA64 is itanium - that's out... x86_64 or i386 depends on the intended use of 
your system. If it is a server and has lots of memory then the 64bit variant 
is the right for you. If you need something that is easier to use and do not 
have >2Gb ram, you're better off with i386 in my opinion.

The reason for that is that several applications (i.e. firefox plugins) will 
have to run 32bit even if you installed the 64bit x86_64 OS since no 64bit 
versions are available. To achive that, x86_64 contains a complete 32bit 
runtime environment. This means you need more disk space (i.e. for the 64bit 
and the 32bit versions of libraries) and you have a better chance of getting 
something wrong (i.e. the 64bit library of something you need is installed 
but you would need the 32bit version. A simple rpm -qa will show the package 
is installed but when running your 32bit app, it will still fail). Yum will 
take care of most of this, but if you're new to linux and/or do not want to 
have to deal with these things, a i386 install is just simpler.