[CentOS] The scariest set up of all: Printer Support

Fri Aug 19 05:53:12 UTC 2005
Dave Gutteridge <dave at tokyocomedy.com>

>Suggest that if you intend to buy a printer to use on Linux, you consult
>the resources before you buy a printer
This is not an option. I already have my printer, that I've had since 
long before the descision to switch to Linux. I do not have the finances 
to switch printers on a whim.

In any case, please note:
I am not asking if Linux can or should support the printer I have. I've 
already read web sites which indicate it's possible. What I am asking is 
how and where I access printer configuration commands so that I may try 
the drivers that are suggested on the web sites I've read.