[CentOS] Re: The scariest set up of all: Printer Support -- step-by-step: Canon PIXUS iP3100

Sat Aug 20 03:29:06 UTC 2005
Marc D. Field <lists at fieldinternet.com>

On 08/19/2005 01:02 AM, Dave Gutteridge wrote:
> Which, although I'm probably many steps ahead, I'm sort of back to my 
> original question. Where do I access printer settings? Is there a GUI in 
> Gnome for this? Is there one I can install?
> Apparently I'm looking for an "add printer wizard", or anything that 
> lets me properly install the "ppd" file that I've created for my printer.
> Where can I administrate my printer settings?

Hi Dave,

You may have already solved the problem with other people's help. 
However, I thought I'd mention my favorite way to take care of CUPS 
printer administration:  I use the CUPS web interface, which I believe 
exists regardless of your Linux distribution and certainly regardless of 
the desktop you use (which is nice if you ever decide to change desktops 
or even distributions).

Point your browser to <http://localhost:631>.  If asked to log-in you 
probably will need to log-in as root.  The web interface will allow you 
to take care of tasks like adding printers and viewing queues.  The "add 
printer" feature is a nice, easy "wizard" type series of steps.  To get 
there, click "Do Administration Tasks" at the main menu.