[CentOS] Install help on proliant 8500 please..

Sat Aug 20 14:36:08 UTC 2005
WebSlave <chuckr at host-u.com>

> }
> } Ok, here's what iam trying on,, a compaq proliant 8500 server with 8
> xeon
> } 550mhz processors, 6 gig ram,, i just installed centos 4.1 on a proliant
> } 3000 dual 550's and 2 gig ram and went smooth as silk, just got the 8500
> } and it seems to be in good order, but when i tried (twice) to install
> } centos 4.1 it stalls shortly after a screen of stuff installing and the
> } last two items are something about usb ports (no usb on this or the
> other
> } server), i then tried fedora core 3 for just a test and it stalled like
> } centos but on the ide/floppy line, i would really like to get centos 4.1
> } installed on this machine so any help/insight would really be
> } appreciated,,,
> }
> } chuck, a semi nube and a full webslave
> Chuck,
> oops, i forgot in my first post to this... there could be an issue with
> having 6 Gig RAM as well... i dont recall what it is right off the bat
> though... maybe Bryan is around... i have read just about everyones
> productive work on this list and i just dont remember what the largemem
> issue was with greater than 2gig or 4 gig...
> anyways, if my first suggestion doesnt work, please wait for Bryan and the
> others to pick up on this thread...
> let us know what happens with
> linux text lowres nousb nousbstorage skipddc
> and hopefully you wont have a memory issue until after the initial install
> if at all.
> kind regards,
>  - rh
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hi and thanks for the replies, here's what i tried and got.. removed ram
to 2 gig, used the boot line as mentioned and when booting and trying to
watch the screen as it scrolls (eyes haven't stopped yet) all looks good
till the mice: PS/2 line and it reboots, sorry iam not much help, been at
this kinda thing for 20+ but kinda new to linux,, (translate -- dangerous
) really want to get this box up if i can and really appreciate the help -