[CentOS] server install and software config advise please

Tue Aug 30 14:28:44 UTC 2005
Robert Hanson <roberth at abbacomm.net>

} chkconfig --list | awk '{print $1}' | man
} I know that doesn't work, but my point is: Take the list you made,
} identify the items you don't know, "man" them.
} For those that don't make sense, use a search engine to find the home
} page and read about it.
} Still lost on some, ask about that remaining list of packages.  Asking
} directly may be easier, but it won't help at 3:00 AM when the server
} crashes because rpcsvcgssd is hogging all CPU because it freaked out
} and you don't know if you can shut it off safely...
} Regards,
} Greg

thank you.

i fully understand what you are saying and i should have anticipated this
better... what i should have asked was this...

out of that list, is there anything i shouldnt turn off under any
circumstances for a typical DNS server on the Internet running the few other
TCP/IP services it is offering?

notice i mentioned that i can pry dust portmap and any other rpc-* stuffs?

i have already done what you asked before and over the last 10 years many
times.... and even more in the last year. yet...

things change a bit over time and so i was seeking advise other than go
figure it out yourself. i am smart enough to deal with 3am server crashes...

see below as the thing is... i like to do my work well before and labor at
never having a 3am server crash. :-> 

remember?? before last year i ran Slackware 1.2.13 and some Redhat 2.0.X
stuff very "solidly" for 6 - 9 years and am just now migrating to newer
hardware and opsys distribution versions...

thanks in advance and kind regards

- rh

Robert Hanson
Abba Communications