[Centos] Need a proper configuration of smartd monitoring.

Sat Jan 8 13:40:27 UTC 2005
Alexander Georgiev <alexander.georgiev at gmail.com>


I have a software mirror with 2 IDE disks - hda and hdc.
I would like to be able to monitor their health using smartd,
and I am running /etc/init.d/smartd as a service.

I placed the folloing in the /etc/smartd.conf

/dev/hda -H -m root
/dev/hdc -H -m root

I case of a problem I want to be notified by mail, and a message to
be logged to the system log.

Just want to know if this confugiration is adequate for proper
monitoring with smartd, or I should add some other options in the
conf file?

Kind regards.
A. Georgiev.