[Centos] NNTP versus web forums

Sat Jan 8 20:53:37 UTC 2005
Jim Zajkowski <jim at jimz.net>

I see that a number of questions are being answered on the new web 
forum that is now part of the centos site.  And the mailing lists  So 
now there are two places to search, both the forum and the mailing list 

This is just doubles the work required to follow along or find a 

I know NNTP isn't sexy, it doesn't allow graphics in posts, it doesn't 
have person ratings or cute smileys, and it requires a modicum of 
competence to use, but it DOES do all of these:

   . Allows off-line reading and replying, with an appropriate reader.
   . Searching.
   . Reliable way of showing you which threads have new posts.
	-> I have not yet found a single web forum that did this well.
   . Orders of magnitude faster.
   . Easy to archive.
   . Small footprint, on-disk and over-network.
   . Synchronisation to multiple servers, reduced network use.
   . Bidirectional synchronisation to a mailing list.
   . Supports authenticated posting, moderation, etc.


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