[Centos] Problem during install of 3.4

Mon Jan 10 02:10:58 UTC 2005
Jim <jim at vxaxv.com>

I am having a problem during install of centos 3.4  I am getting an 
error which says:

"The partition table on device /dev/sdb is of unexpected type loop for 
your architecture. Do you want to reinitialize the drive?"

Searching google i found:


Which was from a while ago and its currently in closed status with no 
resolution provided??  Does anyone have any more info about this?

I currently have FC3 installed on this machine and /dev/sdb is indeed 
working just fine.  sdb is a sata drive connected to a promise 
controller on my motherboard.  sda is also connected to this controller 
and it gets detected just fine.

Any ideas?