[Centos] Problem with SCSI controllers: Anaconda (and kernel option for grub/lilo)

Thu Jan 13 11:26:37 UTC 2005
Ralph Angenendt <ra+centos at br-online.de>


I do seem to have a slight problem with upgrading two of our machines to
CentOS (from SuSE, but that doesn't really matter).

Both systems are IBM x-Series 360 with a ServeRaid controller for the
"internal" hard disks an a QLogic QLA2200 fibre channel controller for
an external stack of disks.

On SuSE (kernel 2.4.26) the ServeRaid is controller 0 (resulting in the
internal Raid Array being /dev/sda) and the QLogic controller is
controller 1 (with the external disks being /dev/sdb).

With CentOS (yes, I did an unattended kickstart install) the QLogic is
recognized as the first controller, the ServeRaid as the second, so
CentOS is installed on the external disks (which kills the database
residing there).

Is there any possibility (be it software or hardware if anyone knows the
x360) to tell CentOS, that the ServeRaid controller has to be recognized
as the first controller and the QLogic as the second? This goes for
installation *and* operation later on, by way of a kernel command line
or whatever.

Thanks in advance,

Ralph Angenendt
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