[Centos] Apcupsd UPS monitoring

Fri Jan 28 13:11:40 UTC 2005
Nigel Kendrick <nigel.kendrick at petdoctors.co.uk>

Having some fun with the APC monitoring daemon (apcupsd) - I've
installed the Whitebox rpm and it runs OK but I cannot communicate with
the UPS on ttyS0 or ttyS1. I'm using a supported cable (according to the
utility's Web site).

I've followed the troubleshooting tips on the app's Web site with no
luck - the only bit that I can't resolve is it recommends disabling
logins on ttySn - how's this done as I can't find any notes on the site
or via a google search.

Does anyone have any experience of this utility - and any tips?


Nigel Kendrick