[Centos] Squirrelmail terminating web server connection..

Mon Jan 3 19:41:30 UTC 2005
Benjamin J. Weiss <benjamin at birdvet.org>

WipeOut wrote:

> Hi,
> I searched around but didn't see anyone else having
> this problem..
> I have a newly installed server running CentOS 3.3 and
> using the provided RPM for Squirrelmail (ver
> 1.4.3a-7.EL3.centos.1)..
> When I try to send an email I get the following error..
> "The connection to www.mydomain.com:80 has terminated
> unexpectedly. Some data may have been transferred"
> I am using a Firefox browser so the error may be worded
> differently in IE..
> Anyone have a fix for this or any idea whats causing it?

I'm not an expert in squirrelmail.  That being said, the 
"www.mydomain.com" looks suspicious, if that's exactly what you're 
really getting.

I remember that sendmail and postfix have mydomain.com set up as their 
default domains, I don't know about imap (I use dovecot).  Have you done 
a grep for mydomain on all of your configuration files to ensure that 
you don't have one of them set up incorrectly?