[Centos] Is 3.4 the same as 3.3 with all updates?

Mon Jan 10 19:44:36 UTC 2005
donavan nelson <donavan at 4wx.net>

WipeOut wrote:

> I guess the subject says it all.. :)
yes! Redhat releases updates (generally) quarterly for RHEL.  the number 
after the dot represents the approximate RH quarterly update for CentOS.

> I am still new to Centos so I am not sure on the upgrade path and what 
> is the best way to stay up to date..

Unless you have a critical need for centos 3.3 or are running Mailman, 
just follow the upgrade procedures or wait until it happens 
automatically (3-4 days).

> Will updates for 3.3 still be added to the yum repo or do I need to 
> upgrade/update my system to 3.4?
For a while yes.  Forever no.  If you read the entire release 
announcement it includes a description of the situation that would cause 
copy back up security updates to the 3.3 tree to end.