[Centos] problem building the isos?

Tue Jan 11 08:57:05 UTC 2005
security <security at air-austral.com>

Johnny Hughes wrote:

>On Tue, 2005-01-11 at 09:57 +0400, security wrote:
>>Hello all,
>>I am making my own distribution based on RHEL AS 3U4 (with additional 
>>rpms, like urpmi, webmin, nessus, Maildir format by default for Postfix, 
>>courier-IMAP etc.)  and I would like to have information from the CentOS 
>>team.  I am generating the isos of this distribution but during the 
>>launching of anaconda, the graphic interface failed to work, so the 
>>installation in text mode is the only one possible.  I think i find the 
>>problem:  pam.
>>by using pam-0.75-51, all is ok (graphical install of anaconda) but with 
>>more recent versions, anaconda refuses to launch the graphical install.  
>>Question:  had somebody similar problems??  Thank you in advance and 
>>good year to all :)
>Are you using the latest anaconda from RHEL-3 (anaconda-

yes :) I have tested with the anaconda from centos (maybe I miss a 
shared library ?) but the problem is exactly the same ...
Strange .... the Graphical install don't want to work.

>We are using pam-0.77-65 with anaconda- in CentOS-4beta ... I
>don't know what all you would have to upgrade to make that work with
>RHEL-3 stuff. Personally, I would stick with what RHEL-3 uses (currently
>anaconda- and pam-0.75-62 in CentOS-3.4), so that you can do
>updates easily when they have security issues.  
I think the problem is not anaconda after all ... maybe  the fact to 
compile for i686 some packages  make the install process
don't work correctly?

>See this concerning RedHat's backporting policy.  Just because a RHEL
>package is older, it doesn't necessarily mean that it has security
I know :) but this issue is ... unexplainable
I will try to recompile some rpms like util-linux for i386, not for i686 :-/

Thanks for your help :)


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