[Centos] Ok to update to 3.4

Tue Jan 11 20:01:04 UTC 2005
donavan nelson <donavan at 4wx.net>

cweisiger at i-55.com wrote:

>i get very little updates from yum, so i was wondering if it is ok
>to go ahead and update to 3.4, being im running 3.3..
>i run a minimal system...minus a few packages removed after install.
>just didnt know about any possible security issues that would
>come down for 3.3 if i have updated to 3.4..how would or would
>i even need them....or will the upcoming security, bugs, etc.. be
>strictly for 3.4?...what im trying to say is would i miss any
>updates if i updated to 3.4, that are meant for 3.3?
As posted in the release notes part of the announcement for CentOS 3.4 
security errata (RHSA's (RH Security Advisory)) will be put into the 
CentOS 3.3 tree until such time that it is NO LONGER possible or not needed.

RHEA's (RH Product Enhancement Advisory) and RHBA's (RH Bug Fix 
Advisory) are what makes CentOS 3.4.  They will NOT be released into the 
CentOS 3.3 tree.  If you are running a real RHEL box you get the RHEA's 
and RHBA's when running up2date.  CentOS offers a bit more flexibility.

You can view RHxA's at anytime here: