[Centos] Change your default rpm query format on multi-lib archs (like x86_64)

Wed Jan 12 01:00:54 UTC 2005
seth vidal <skvidal at phy.duke.edu>

> Now the result of the above example is:
> [root at x86-64 ~]# rpm -qa | grep popt
> popt-1.9.1-21.x86_64
> popt-1.9.1-21.i386
> ---------------------------
> So now you can easily tell which arch of a program is installed on
> multi-lib machines.

useless trivia: 'yum list installed'

will display that stuff and epochs if they're there, too.
and in yum 2.1.x it does all that w/o every talking to the repos.

yum -C list installed 
  on 2.0.X will do that same thing.