[Centos] bind and 3.4

Wed Jan 12 15:03:44 UTC 2005
Holmes, Brent <bholmes at quatro.com>

Heads up if anyone removes the caching-nameserver rpm after they fix
their init scripts and replace their named.conf, it also renames your
named.ca to named.ca.rpmsave( I believe this happens when you uninstall
the caching-nameserver rpm, it also moves named.conf back to
named.rpmsave again).

So you have to move that back before you can successfully restart named.


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On Wed, January 12, 2005 7:51 am, Lance Davis said:
> On Wed, 12 Jan 2005, Johnny Hughes wrote:
>> > This is an upstream issue ... AND ... according to redhat, you
>> shouldn't
>> > have caching-nameserver installed on a DNS server that is anything
>> other
>> > than a caching-nameserver :).  It is indeed the caching-nameserver
>> package
>> > that is causing the issue.
>> >
>> As further clarification, I point exactly to the post:
>> https://bugzilla.redhat.com/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=143558#c9
>> I think you should put the new caching-nameserver back into the U4
>> directories ... this will happen anytime redhat issues an update to
>> caching-nameserver and is exactly by design.
>> If you have DNS zones, remove caching-nameserver from that box...it
>> not
>> a caching-nameserver any longer
> Well I am also going by a post from parsley to the tao mailing list :-
> I dont think it is right for it to kill a working nameserver on an
> whether or not people have it installed by mistake - ie if it is
> installed and the config files have been changd and the thing is
> they should not be removed and the thing stopped - IMHO
> Lance
> --
I agree, _BUT_ the guy at RedHat is right ... The purpose of
caching-nameserver is to setup a "caching-only-DNS" box ... the only way
to setup a "caching-only-DNS" box is to remove the current named.conf
and replace it with a new one that defines it as a "caching-only-DNS"

The lesson learned is ... once you setup your box as a DNS zone control
box, backup the named.conf file and remove the package
... OR ... don't install it in the first place.

My guide has been updated to remove the caching-nameserver package after
finishing zone setup :).

Johnny Hughes

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