[Centos] bind and 3.4

Wed Jan 12 17:00:44 UTC 2005
Johnny Hughes <mailing-lists at hughesjr.com>

On Wed, January 12, 2005 10:47 am, Michael Jennings said:
> On Wednesday, 12 January 2005, at 16:28:25 (+0000),
> Lance Davis wrote:
>> It may well be - but if the design is wrong it is still a bug.
> The fact that people are using a package improperly does not make its
> design wrong.  The package information is quite clear:
>    The caching-nameserver package includes the configuration files
>    which will make BIND, the DNS name server, act as a simple caching
>    nameserver.  Many users on dialup connections use this package
>    along with BIND for such a purpose.
>    If you would like to set up a caching name server, you'll need to
>    install the caching-nameserver package; you'll also need to install
>    bind.
> Note the "simple caching nameserver" part.  Those using it for
> something different are simply wrong.
> Michael
Exactly .... and a quote from one of the bugs is this:

"caching-nameserver HAS to backup and replace the BIND configuration
files - it consists entirely of them.
By installing caching-nameserver, users are requesting that a
caching only nameserver configuration be installed. If the caching
nameserver RPM did not replace the configuration files, there would
be no way for it to guarantee that after installation, a caching
nameserver was in place; nor could it be upgraded.
If this is not what you want, backup the BIND configuration files
and remove the caching-nameserver RPM from the system."

Think about it ... you install caching-nameserver BECAUSE you want a name
server but don't want to setup zones.  If you do setup zones, you have to
remove caching-nameserver.  The only way that they can ensure you have
what you asked for (a caching-nameserver) is to backup your old files and
use new ones...if they don't, then you don't have a caching-nameserver.

As to the other problem of named not restarting, that specific issue can
be addressed with this file ... which is not yet officially released, but
which I verified did work on my DNS server:


Johnny Hughes