[Centos] bind and 3.4

Wed Jan 12 18:20:03 UTC 2005
Beau Henderson <silentbob at gmail.com>

I have to say that I've not experienced this problem on any of the
machines that I manage. Each one handles DNS for clients sites ( yeah
I know, don't be hatin, but we're not talking about that atm ). Before
I set a server live into production, one of my first priorities is of
course to remove any program thats installed that I will not need. Its
inevitable that if you have programs installed that you don't need
you'll end up with problems either via as providing a vulnerable entry
point, or a situation such as this, and much else, its a given. That
said, I don't even remember seeing this package installed on any of
our centos boxes to begin with. So whether it was selected to begin
with or its included in a later version of CentOS / RHEL i'm not sure
( I still install with 3.1 ). Either way, it should be the sys admin's
responsibility to audit the system before hand, and if possible
install only whats needed, if not remove whats not afterwards. I don't
think the blame should be on redhat for this one, not centos, but
those of our kind that take a more "relaxed" approach to handling
their systems.

Just my 2 cents

Beau Henderson