[Centos] Modprobe errors during startup on CentOS 3.4 (with more detail on the error)

Wed Jan 12 20:30:25 UTC 2005
WipeOut <wipe_out at users.sourceforge.net>

R P Herrold wrote:

> On Wed, 12 Jan 2005, WipeOut wrote:
>> I am getting loads of modprobe errors flying past on the screen during
> This happens on the first boot as timestamps are cleaned up -- run:
> depmod -A
> and most/all <?> will disappear
> -- Russ Herrold

Thanks for the suggestion Russ.. Unfortunately it didn't help.. :(

I have now done about 10 installs to try and narrow down what is causing 

The following error..
"modprobe: modprobe: Can't locate module block-major-43"

.. streams up the screen when LVM and RAID are used together..

On my server I setup two RAID1 arrays..
md1 is 250MB and is where I put /boot...
md2 is setup as a LVM PV and within the PV I setup the rest of the 
When its setup like this I get the error above but it still seems to be 
working properly.. I would like to get rid of the error and get it 
working right instead of just leaving it since it "appears" to be working..

I have setup LVM without RAID and RAID without LVM and I don't get the 
error but when setup as above I consistently get the error..

Any help would really be appreciated in solving this problem because I 
have to have this server up and running by next week..