[Centos] PHP+Oracle problem

Fri Jan 14 19:42:15 UTC 2005
Troy Engel <tengel at fluid.com>

A very long time ago (it's been years since I've used Oracle), when 
doing this similar thing it ended up binding LDAP out of Oracle as well, 
which in turn caused all sorts of problems and crashes.

Check your PHP compile, and make sure it's not pulling any errant 
libraries out of your Oracle installation, instead of using the ones 
that are "normal"; it's possible that on the commandline your 
LD_LIBRARY_PATH (sic) is including Oracle libs (and segfaulting), but 
from the web it's finding the GNU or whatever ones and working fine.

Looking at your stack trace, it doesn't look like an errant DSO load, so 
it might have gotten compiled in statically to PHP; check maybe your 
config.log and so forth.

just an idea,

Mezei Zoltan wrote:
> Hi!
> I have succesfully installed Oracle on Centos. Everything is 
> fine with it.
> Then I recompiled php-4.3.2-19.ent.src.rpm with
> rpmbuild --rebuild --define 'oracle 1' php-4.3.2-19.ent.src.rpm
> The compilation was successful, and I got the php and the php-oci8 
> rpms.
> Then I installed them both. After this one running the following PHP 
> script:
> <?php
> $c = ocilogon("wonttell", "wonttell", "WONTTELL");
> ocilogoff($c);
> ?>
> by issuing the command:
> php < oracle_test.php
> executed with segfault.
> The strace output is available at:
> http://www.telefor1.hu:7000/segfault.txt
> Strance, but when invoked the script from the web it runs flawlessly.
> Can anybody point to a solution that solves this problem?

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