CentOS 3.4 => CentOS 4 beta was: Re: [centos] RHEL 4 => CentOS 4

Mon Jan 17 16:18:08 UTC 2005
R P Herrold <herrold at owlriver.com>

On Mon, 17 Jan 2005, Michiel van Es wrote:

> I would like to try to switch from CentOS 3.4 => CentOS 4 beta.

This is not the 'RHEL 4 => CentOS 4' which your subject 
indicated; A daring move -- I am still getting kernel lockups 
when running X under the centos-4-beta2 candidate

> -is possible to upadte/upgrade my test box from 3.4 => 4 and what are the 
> yum.conf settings/requirements?

This is not fully tested yet -- For testing purposes, I have 
the beta ISO's loop mounted in a local mirror archive and 
point my yum.conf at that local archive.  See my scripts at:
and particularly
and the writeup on their use at:
and the more general treatment at:

> -is it easy to update your CentOS 4 beta => CentOS 4 when the stable version 
> comes out?

<smile>  This would be predicting hte future, of course; it is 
doable presently with the latter page's method.  'easy' is a 
value judgment.

Good luck -- feel free to ask questions and share 
expereinces here.

-- Russ Herrold