[Centos] CentOS-4.0 (Beta) for i386 Official Release

Tue Jan 18 02:58:44 UTC 2005
Peter Arremann <loony at loonybin.org>

On Monday 17 January 2005 21:45, Johnny Hughes wrote:
> The CentOS team is happy to announce the availability of CentOS-4.0
> (Beta) for i386.  This product supports AMD Athlon, Athlon XP, Duron,
> and Intel Pentium, Pentium Pro, Pentium II, Pentium III, Pentium 4 and
> Pentium Xeon processors.
> A bittorent for individual CD binary iso files is available from:
> http://beta.centos.org/centos/4.0beta/isos/i386/CentOS-4.0-Beta-i386-discs1
Not complaining at all - but I'm trying to understand why there are no DVD 
isos for i386 created anymore? 3.1 had them, ever since then, cd isos are 
available but DVD images are nowhere to be seen for i386... the other archs 
have them :-)