[Centos] centos4/rhes4 - mysql4?

Fri Jan 21 22:43:40 UTC 2005
Simon Garner <sgarner at expio.co.nz>

On 22/01/2005 7:19 a.m., Troy Engel wrote:
> Increasing we're having to hybrid all our servers (run the mysql client 
> RPMS for 3.x, but server binaries for 4.0 over in /usr/local/) for more 
> and more projects that need the 4.0 features. I've also read that with 
> 4.1 server binaries, the 3.x client apps will no longer work?

I simply upgraded MySQL using the 4.1.x RPMs from mysql.com, haven't 
seen any problems (with CentOS-3).

The only compatibility issue I know of with regard to 3.x clients (and 
4.0 clients) connecting to 4.1 servers is that 4.1 has a new password 
hashing algorithm. If you use an old format mysql privileges database or 
run mysqld with --old-passwords (add old-passwords to the [mysqld] 
section of /etc/my.cnf) there is no problem.