[Centos] CentOS Release Lifeline

Sat Jan 22 15:16:28 UTC 2005
Jonathan Dill <jfdill_2 at jfdill.com>

Johnny Hughes wrote:

>On Fri, 2005-01-21 at 23:24 -0500, Fred Whipple wrote:
>any given version of RHEL.  Will CentOS benefit for those same 5
>I ask because Scientific Linux commits (or, plans) to support 3 years
>after a release.
>It is the CentOS plan to support our versions as long as the version of
>RHEL they track is supported ... we (and Lineox) are the only RHEL
>clones to have a 2.x, a 3.x, and a 4.x(beta) version right now.
It also occurs to me that, worst case, you could just get the SRPMS from 
RHEL and rebuild the binary RPMS yourself, for any RHEL derivative 
distribution, although sometimes there are hiccups with rebuilding.

Linux improves so fast, personally I could not stand it to be using the 
OS from 5 years ago.  If it comes to that to run some legacy 
application, I'll set up a Virtual Machine to run just that application.