[Centos] CentOS Release Lifeline

Sat Jan 22 19:25:13 UTC 2005
Beau Henderson <silentbob at gmail.com>

Also keep in mind RHEL3 has about 3 years left of its life before its
EOL'd, perhaps thats what the other project means. As soon as RHEL
stop providing support, CentOS would EOL as well.

On Sat, 22 Jan 2005 13:10:16 -0500, Fred Whipple <fwhipple at gmail.com> wrote:
> > Linux improves so fast, personally I could not stand it to be using the
> > OS from 5 years ago.  If it comes to that to run some legacy
> > application, I'll set up a Virtual Machine to run just that application.
> I agree, and we tend not to run systems longer than 2 years without an
> upgrade.  However there's nothing cozier than a nice, warm, security
> blanket! ;-)  It's the *forced* upgrades that bother me.  We've had
> the Red Hat rug pulled out from under us and this is causing me some
> pain...
>     -Fred
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Beau Henderson