[Centos] CentOS 3.4 - i386 - Single CD Server version release,

Sun Jan 23 04:10:55 UTC 2005
Karanbir Singh <Mail-Lists at karan.org>

Hi Lance,

Lance Davis wrote:
> For Release:  January 21, 2005
> The CentOS Team is pleased to announce the official release of a new
> single CD Server version of CentOS 3.4 for i386.

Firstly, this 1-disk variant distro is a great idea! I am sure its going 
to be a hit with everyone setting up servers based on Centos. Well done!

Secondly, while this disk is based on the Centos 3.4 Tree, is it 
possible to put the .iso somewhere other than in the same directory as 
the regular i386 Centos 3.4 iso's ?

 From what it looks like, most people seem to think its an alternate 
disk1 for the install. ( As the number of people wandering into #centos 
asking about this would indicate ).

Have a good holiday!

- K

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