[Centos] CentOS Release Lifeline

Sun Jan 23 22:17:51 UTC 2005
John Newbigin <jn at it.swin.edu.au>

Fred Whipple wrote:

>>Linux improves so fast, personally I could not stand it to be using the
>>OS from 5 years ago.  If it comes to that to run some legacy
>>application, I'll set up a Virtual Machine to run just that application.
> I agree, and we tend not to run systems longer than 2 years without an
> upgrade.  However there's nothing cozier than a nice, warm, security
> blanket! ;-)  It's the *forced* upgrades that bother me.  We've had
> the Red Hat rug pulled out from under us and this is causing me some
> pain...
I still have machines running RedHat 6.0.  It relies on a custom kernel 
patch for a special ISA card.  Only having one card it makes it hard to 
test an upgrade so firewalls up and it is still running.

We are using CentOS-2 (no surprise) on most of our servers.  This 
allowed us to upgrade from RedHat 7.2 without having to retest all out 
applications.  I have no plans to upgrade anything in the next 12 
months.  We still have 4 years of security patches promised so I am not 
rushing to upgrade.  Perhaps once CentOS-4 is out I will look at that 
for any new servers.


>     -Fred
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