[Centos] centos4/rhes4 - mysql4?

Wed Jan 26 01:21:49 UTC 2005
Ted Kaczmarek <tedkaz at optonline.net>

On Fri, 2005-01-21 at 13:33 -0600, Johnny Hughes wrote:
> On Fri, January 21, 2005 1:13 pm, Ted Kaczmarek said:
> > Wondering if this has something to do with AB coming after people for
> > licensing revenue, in violation of the mysql EULA.
> >
> > After seeing a buddy of mine's firm get nailed for 1.5 million dollars I
> > learned at his firms expense.
> >
> > Ted
> More info please.  The basic way I read the MySQL AB license is:
> If you release Open Source software, you can use the Open Source mysql
> license.  If you release your software closed source, you have to use the
> Commericial License.
> So, if the company in question released close source software (that they
> charged for) then they must have a commercial license.
Most companies do not release their source code for their in house
proprietary applications. I suspect the majority of the corporate world
will probably always be like this, sure lets give all our competitors
are code, lol.

I would be willing to bet that most people using mysql are in violation
of its license, show me all the Open Source projects submitted by all
those mysql users.

This type of manipulation of the spirit of the GPL is a big reason many
companies are leery of Open Source.