[Centos] centos4/rhes4 - mysql4?

Wed Jan 26 01:59:30 UTC 2005
Simon Garner <sgarner at expio.co.nz>

On 26/01/2005 2:49 p.m., Simon Garner wrote:
> The license is referring to software that makes use of the MySQL source 
> code. If you write an application that takes source from MySQL, then you 
> are bound by the MySQL license.
> This does not apply to creating an application that interfaces with a 
> MySQL database. You can do whatever you want with your own source code. 
> The MySQL license certainly does not require everyone using MySQL 
> databases to release their applications as open source, that would be 
> ridiculous!

I should clarify the first part. According to the MySQL web site, the 
license restrictions apply if you distribute the MySQL Software, whether 
modified or not. The vast majority of MySQL users would not be 
distributing MySQL (and most wouldn't even be distributing their own 
application), so they are safe under the GPL.


"Free use for those who never copy, modify or distribute. As long as you 
never distribute the MySQL Software in any way, you are free to use it 
for powering your application, irrespective of whether your application 
is under GPL license or not."