[Centos] centos4/rhes4 - mysql4?

Wed Jan 26 03:19:40 UTC 2005
Lee Garner <lee at leegarner.com>

Paul wrote:

>I'm not sure about that if your linking to the client libraries since
>the 4.0 ones are now GPL instead of LGPL.  If it's an in-house created
>software then yeah it probably does not really matter.  If on the other
>hand if it's a non-GPL licensed app you are distributing that is linked
>against the MySQL client libraries then you have an issue such as with
>Or that is how I under stand the issue.
That's how I read it as well.  From mysql.com: "...if you use MySQL in 
an application you redistribute, the complete source code for your 
application must be available and freely redistributable under 
reasonable conditions."   I think the real issue is the release of the 
application.  If it's internal, and never released, then there's no problem.