[Centos] RAID card recommendation

Wed Jan 26 06:16:26 UTC 2005
Daniel Wright <dw at wonderwave.net>

I have been looking at the Dell Poweredge sc420 for some time.  It has a 
built in sata controller that supports raid 1,2.  Dell also says that 
this system supports RHEL ES3.0
Anyone have any luck running raid on this server out of the box?  Anyone 
have any other option advise for a system in the same price range that 
would be a better solution than this.
The server would be used as a file server for a business with about 5 
users.  Starting price for the server is, $299 and comes to $430 w/tax 
and the options I am looking at.
Details can be found here. 


Ajay Sharma wrote:

> Sean Leach wrote:
>> After seeing the horrible lack of support for Promise cards in Redhat
>> Enterprise/CentOS, I am looking for a recommendation for a good IDE RAID
>> controller that is supported out of the box (i.e. I would prefer not to
>> have to install via a driver disk).
>> I would prefer ATA 133 over Serial ATA for now.
> As others have already stated, 3ware is pretty much the way to go. 
> Their drives have been in the main kernel for quite some time.
> --Ajay
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