[Centos] OT: Which programming language should I use?

Thu Jan 27 22:14:40 UTC 2005
Andrew Sawyers <andrew at zope.com>

Benjamin J. Weiss wrote:
> Sorry for the OT post, just looking for a pointer from somebody who's 
> been there and done that.
> I'm looking to write a program that will allow for managing documents 
> that have been encrypted with AES.  I want the program to be as 
> cross-platform as possible, so at the least it needs to run in 
> Win2K/WinXP and in linux X-windows (X.org).
> Now, I used to write in Java a few years ago, so I guess that's an 
> option.  My concerns are that back then Java was slow, and I don't know 
> if there's an easy-to-use cross-platform crypto library for Java.
> I've seen at least one program that was written in python and Tkinter on 
> the web that offers the source for running in linux, and they offer a 
> .exe download.  (http://www.axware.nl)  I don't know how they do it, but 
> I saw a claim on the web that python/Tkinter was a great cross-platform 
> combo.
Python gets my vote - but I'm heavily biased :)  Python and pycrypt 
might be part of what you're after: 


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