[CentOS] Attempting custom CentOS4 network install

Ajay ajay at unisoftindia.net
Wed Jun 1 15:59:22 UTC 2005


I am installing CentOS4 over ether network using http and kickstart. I boot from
the first CentOS CD and at "boot:" prompt I input
"ks=http://localserver/install/custom.cfg". Except for minor glitches like
"Kernel-Development group not found" warning, the process is smooth and is
almost completely automated.

Now, I want to add additional RPMS to the CentOS/RPMS directory to install
additional packages in the default install. In preparation, I was regenerating
the hdlist using "genhdlist" even before adding the extra RPMS, just to

A new hdlist and hdlist2 is sucessfully regenerated in CentOS/base dir with a
small reduction in file size of hdlist, but the network install fails at the
end of "Preparing RPM transaction" screen with the message "install exited
abnormally" and shuts down.

Am I missing something?

Thanks in advance


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